How Women With Autoimmune & Chronic Pain Are Finding REAL Answers & Steadily Feeling More Good Days Without Hearing Their Labs Are "Normal” Ever Again

The fast, easy way to end constant flare ups without seeing doctors who minimizes your symptoms, telling you “it's all in your head” & sending you home with a new prescription that makes you fear all the nasty side effects and long term risks…

October 3rd 2022
At 8:15AM America/Vancouver (-08:00)

Introducing Your Presenter:

Sarah Rochelle, BSN, RN, NC

I love helping women who dream of an active, vibrant life where they start their day pain free and full of energy, without hitting snooze, excited to be the hands-on Mommy they dream of being. After working with women just like you, I know you are feeling defeated, alone & often hopeless that you may be stuck & sick forever.

As an Autoimmune & Migraine Survivor AND a Registered Nurse with specialties in Genetics and Coaching, I will show you how relief from autoimmunity and chronic pain is nearly impossible to achieve by going to the doctor over and over, hearing “your labs are fine”, and trying more medications, injections and surgeries — the way it is traditionally done.

I cannot wait to see you on this training and show you this system to ensure you get a step by step plan to eliminate constant health issues, allowing you to be the happy, healthy woman who can keep up with her kids, go on family vacations, get more date nights with her partner & be able to work without struggling through the day or calling out sick.

Your Training Starts In...

I Put Together This 50 Minute No-Cost Online Training Where You Will Discover...

    • The simple, yet effective Bio-Med Alignment Method that delivers clear answers & a customized, specific plan that activates your body’s natural ability to heal — in less than 3 months — without spending hours researching blogs and articles online, or feeling alone & completely overwhelmed by all the information on the internet
    • Why following generic food advise based on your diagnosis are BULLSH*T (like Paleo, AIP, Wahls Protocol, Grain Free, etc) & the much easier, faster way to know exactly what to eat without causing increased pain & inflammation, running straight to the bathroom within minutes of eating or looking 7 months pregnant by 3pm every afternoon.
    • Do you lie awake at night worried to death that relief will never come, feel guilty that you are always tired when your kids ask you to play, or fear that your medication will stop working? You are about to see how millions of women are disregarded by the medical system, why you won’t ever get the answers you need to live the life you desire — and the hushed secrets that make it easy to identify why constant flare-ups won’t stop.
    • You will see the breakthrough strategy that has worked for myself and dozens and dozens of my clients who have visited every specialist in town, tried multiple medications while managing awful side effects, kept food logs and gone through several specialty diets, and even bought “miracle” supplements from the internet — without lasting relief.
    • And that is just the beginning…